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Hawkes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert W. Hawkes, Senator from New Jersey
  • Aristazabal Hawkes, member of the band, Guillemots
  • Brady Hawkes, fictional character played by Kenny Rogers in The Gambler, TV movie series
  • Brent Hawkes, Canadian clergyman and gay rights activist
  • Christopher Hawkes, English archaeologist
  • Chesney Hawkes, English musician and actor
  • David Hawkes (disambiguation), multiple people including:
    • David Hawkes (scholar), British sinologist
  • George Wright Hawkes (1821–1908), lay Anglican churchman in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Graham Hawkes, submarine engineer and entrepreneur
  • Greg Hawkes, keyboardist for The Cars
  • Howard Hawkes, American football coach
  • J. H. M. Hawkes (1851–1944), businessman of Adelaide, South Australia
  • Jacquetta Hawkes, British archaeologist
  • James S. Hawkes (1856–1919), Australian accountant and civil engineer
  • Jane Hawkes, Art Historian
  • Jeff Hawkes, South African professional golfer
  • Jim Hawkes, Canadian MP
  • John Hawkes (disambiguation), several names including
  • John Hawkes (actor), born John Marvin Perkins in 1959, US actor
  • Kristen Hawkes, American anthropologist
  • Leonard Hawkes, British geologist
  • Michael Hawkes, American football player
  • Rechelle Hawkes, Australian hockey player
  • Sheldon Hawkes, fictional character played by Hill Harper in CSI: NY, television series
  • Terri Hawkes, Canadian actor
  • Robert Hawkes, College Professor

See also[]

  • Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
  • Hawkes Harbor, novel
  • Hawks
  • Hawke (disambiguation)
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